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Interior Design Trends 2021

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Discover the new Trendbook 2021
✨ ✨ - Kitchen and Bathrooms New Trendbook!

Discover the new interior design trends 2021. With the 10 top trends from the next season of 2020-2021. With the main color of the year 2021, a concern for nature, bonding it with contemporary spaces and new technologies.

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Veronica Smith : Ugly utilitarian styles and colours.
Justa LilCynical : This crap is for the mediocre you have no vision!
Donna Arnold : Gray is so overused. When will that trend ever end. Blue is right behind it.
Anna Nicole : Horrible music, horrible art, horrible video. Reveal the actual brands & colors.
Randy C : lets hope you are mistaken.
Hussain : It was quite impossible to get my room decorated being a broke student but, you know what? These lights really set the tone for my room

Thank me later
SilverHouseHD : I've seen so many of these trends already in the homes we shoot!!
SavannahRoseDI : naval is nautical theme, Navy is a colour
Maru Pinto : I feel everything is from 2 years ago!!
I don’t see innovation here...☹️
Archi-Tube : Nice collections. Enjoyed watching.
If got a chance for any visitors, you may check this also,

Aelfie's Eclectic Williamsburg Loft | Interior Lives | Design Hunting

This tour of artist and textile designer Aelfie Oudghiriis's Williamsburg loft is full of playful surprises. Follow along as our design editor, Wendy Goodman, reveals one of the most smartly curated and vibrant spaces that embraces color with no hesitation.
khabar tube tv : Very nice video
Sasha Simone : I've always love this particular home and video- I always seem to come back to it to rewatch! <3
nycgraphist : What a perfect place for a kid to grow in!
Aisha Davis : What a fun house.
Granti Panties : ughhh that pillow collection!! amazing.. her parrot top is great too.. I love people that live with so much color and uniqueness.. there's just something spectacular about lofts and that open space and ceilings.
MooBerry2009 : Ooooooh I love it
Patricia Kiteke Lifestyle Real Estate : Nice!
Steven Glenn Harrellson : Where is the harlem bead guy
Y A S H N Y : So cheerful
Allison L. : I would love to just spend one night there, imagine LIVING there.... a dream

Interior Design – A Sophisticated Country House With Traditional Decor

Go inside a gorgeous country home by designer Trish Johnston. See how she uses layers of texture, traditional elements and a neutral palette to create a cozy and soothing escape.

Since the house is in the country, Trish brought the outdoors in. Grey, white, black and bursts of green create a calm and clean feel. A variety of textures work together, like slate stone flooring, pine flooring, rock, timber and linen. Trish divided the open-concept space by creating zones with furniture to mimic where the walls would have been. A large sofa sections off the great room while a wrought-iron chandelier adds wow-factor. In addition to a white kitchen, the home boasts a servery that acts as a second kitchen with tons of storage.
Ceen : Wow, this home is gorgeous!
Charlene Ludd : People do not let your children listen to trump he's very disrespectful to kids ears he's very unperfectional he's a child in a mans body he says dumb it out his mouth that don't make scence and he's mad cause he can't use fauci like he thought would plus trumps a dum person who doesn't wear a mass well Biden keep your mass on and keep the faith and put God first
M_E-d 1994 : What about tv corner !!!
Merry Walsh : This popped up in my feed, and unreal, I have so many of same elements. Tone of wood floors, jute area rug, two white couches, round farm style coffee table, same wood mantle on fireplace, kitchen pendants, chandelier, kitchen cabinet color. Granted, my house is not this large and grand, but now I am feeling like I may have gotten the decor right.
Anshu Sachdeva : I like with no hanky pinky things, no cluttered nick necks very clean and clear lines. Luv it.
Ca Bo :
Jessica : This decor is like a black and white photo with wood. Fairly colorless.
Zaleha Burude : Beautiful....
Deepika ಕಾಸರಗೋಡು Diaries ಕನ್ನಡ channel :
KONG FLU : Can some take this house, and build another one exactly like it, but half the size please and thank you




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