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Transformers D.O.T.M. all Roadbuster scenes

I hope that he returns in the 6th one, he's my favorite wrecker, I don't really care about the other 2.
Gzzz Antonio : Hey funny fact lead foot said they wont go any where but he did he died
Mr Troll : If I ever direct a movie for transformers I'm bring back the wreckers
Just some guy With a surprised expression : 1:17 Perfect representation of "Me and the boys" when there's 1 enemy left in the game.
Oh Yeah Jimbo : Leadfoot: American
Roadbuster: British
Topspin: Mute
Anthony Jasso : Omg their Accents
tashapace YT : I love it how hes from Scotland and hes a wrecker
Kevin. Joseph.Letufuga : Rip, ironhide and wheeljack
X Bello : the trio needs more screen time
Nhân Quang Trần : I think Roadbuster is the strongest Wreckers.I mean,Rocket launchers,chainsaw,and machine gun?He is the best.
Nhân Quang Trần : This is going to hurt,ALOT!!!
-Roadbuster,upon tearing a Decepticon apart,and ALIVE.

Transformers: DoTM Highway Chase and Mexican Standoff stop-motion

Transformers: DoTM Highway Chase and Mexican Standoff stop-motion

*All audio belongs to Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay*
this guys here : This is good. Could use some slight work but other than that good job.
Grace Chiang : Zassw
Sean Cedrick Romero : Looks real
Sean Cedrick Romero : Cool
Anthony Julián Aguilar Araya. Araya Fonseca :
Chloe Phan : Hi
Tricia McIntosh : The phone will be using this video is from the wrong were supposed to use dark of the Moon but instead you use age of Extinction. THE AUDACITY
Kad Joshua : Top .o.
Amar Jadhav : How did you make this video
Narwalz :P : I mean I’m not gonna say u should watch this over the actual thing but this is very original, creative, and it took a hell lot of effort

Transformers D.O.T.M. all Shockwave scenes

I hate Dotm and for me is painful to do a video about it, but since a lot of people asked it, there it is.
Green Boi : Shockwave by nature was a calm (if you may) genius, scientist. Why was he portrayed as some giant Mongolian deathworm-whispering demon? There is nothing in this movie that depicts him expressing anything intellectual in nature (apart from maybe discovering the presence of humans in a certain building merely from the objects falling from it).

I can understand why the Bayverse is hated so much by so many people....
Qing Ning : 5.56 is viable against 5 floors tall giant robots but can never kill a human flesh zombie.
Peter Lincoln : Shockwave is probably the coolest looking transformer yet he is barely even in the movie
gina llanque quispe : Me el shockwave
Luana Gobert : 0:42 : Me when i realise Im Going Too School instead Of Having Online Class
Kristopher Watson : 'Ah Shockwaves comin'
Videogameboi123 : “OPTIMUS!”
Ethan BLAZE : It is illogical that shockwave has very poor screentime and that he dies
TheLostTrailBlazer : Shockwave is the Captain Phasma of the Bayformer movies.




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